Immunization Coverage Equity

Equity-based childhood immunization policy-making in urban centres across Canada: A comparative analysis


In 2009, the interim evaluation of Public Health Agency of Canada’s Nation Immunization Strategy showed that equitable immunization rates have not been accomplished at local levels. It has been suggested that the National Strategy has proven to be overall unfeasible for many local jurisdictions to accomplish due to lack of funding and paucity of research regarding immunization needs. Though there has since been reports of reductions in immunization disparities across Canada, there is little known about i.) How pervasive the disparities are nationally, and ii.) What programs and policies help reduce inequities. This study aims to resolve these question.

Thilina Bandara, PhD student in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at the Univeristy of Saskatchewan, under the supervision of Dr. Cory Neudorf, will firstly collect 10 years of MMR immunization coverage data from UPHN member public health units and conduct health inequalities over time measurements. Once the trends have been observed across participating health regions, a policy-based inquiry will follow to assess which equity-based programs and policies have been enacted in each urban centre. A subsequent comparative analysis will investigate the key determinants of successful equity-based public health action regarding MMR coverage.