About Us

The Urban Public Health Network (UPHN) is a network of  Medical Officers of Health in urban centres in Canada who came together in 2004 to address public health issues that are common to urban populations.  The network encompasses approximately 50% of the Canadian population.

The network objectives include:

  • sharing of best practices in delivery and evaluation of public health programs and initiatives in urban centres
  • raising awareness of urban public health issues
  • fostering  collaborative action on issues of mutual interest
  • advancing policy change by developing a collective voice for urban public health issues
  • facilitating research in public health.

Regular meetings are held twice a year alternating from west to east across Canada.  Additional meetings have been held on specific topics such as emergency preparedness and public health research.

The UPHN works with other organizations such as the National Collaborating Centres, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Canadian Public Health Association all of whom have an interest in improving the health of the population.

The network is self-funded by the members who also provide a secretariat service.